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IPLAY ®is a world leader in anti-theft, ergonomic, articulating, interactive, counterbalance, adjustable & full motion mounts & stands for home, office & commercial use. Our products designed & conceptualized in Dubai are expertly engineered and manufactured with high quality, reliability & durability. Several institutions such as hotels, hospitals, trade shows, technology consultants, professionals, advertising - media house, commercial – government establishments, home - office owners , parents & children’s are amongst our list of satisfied clients worldwide. IPLAY® also closely understands the challenges humans face with technology related illnesses in the midst of modern digital innovations, #iplaySavesYourNeck is an awareness program to educate people on how our mounts & stands can help them minimize the risk of tech illness. Iplay Mounts & Stands are designed for optimal viewing of technology to keep your upper body neutral, shoulders relaxed and neck straight.


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